Why is this eBook only readable with Apple iBooks?

We do have an ePub3 version, but the existing eBook readers available on Android or Windows Mobile we are aware of do not support correctly the interactive digital experiments and the formatting of mathematical formulas.

Is there a Web version?

A Web version will be available soon.

Why a landscape layout?

We have conceived this eBook like a paper book because it provides a better reading experience. Indeed, reading in continuous scrolling mode is suitable for novels or the like, but not for science textbooks.
Moreover, the digital experiments have different sizes and are accompanied by explanatory texts, possibly in scroll-mode. The landscape layout allows for such a rich content to fit on a single 'page'. Finally, screens in lecture or conference rooms are in landscape orientation. Thus you can project the content of this eBook in such places without any trouble.
Nevertheless, we are preparing a continuous scrolling-mode version for an optimal reading experience on smartphones.

Why are certain digital experiments slow?

This can be due to a lack of power if you have a first or second generation iPad. It can also happen that several digital experiments run simultaneously. This is typically the case when a range of consecutive pages all contain digital experiments. To date, we don’t have any control on how to manage that. We hope that Apple will solve this trouble soon. Concretely, we advice you to stop digital experiments when you change pages.

Why iBooks crashes?

All digital experiments have been tested many times on Safari and iPads of different generations. The trouble comes from the instability of iBooks when it has to manage widgets and javascript. Since iBooks is a `black box’ for users, we couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem is.