More than 60
embedded visual interactive
digital experiments!

basic differential equation

logistic equation

3D Lorenz model

Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model

harmonic oscillator

1D saddle-node bifurcation

Van der Pol periodic attractor

idealized pendulum

analysis of fixed points

flowing blobs of initial conditions in a RLC circuit

classification of phase portraits of 2D linear systems

for the pleasure of the eyes

bifurcations in 2D models

bob in a rotating hoop

Andronov-Hopf bifurcation

bifurcation of limit cycles

model of glycolysis

predator-prey model with Allee effect for preys

infinitely many limit cycles

non convex limit cycle

evolving a blob of initial conditions in the Lorenz model

Rössler attractor

chaotic food chain of two preys and one predator

a 3D attractor with spiral structure

pair of undamped harmonic oscillators

chaotic double pendulum

Turing patterns

Julia sets

and more ...